Download project documentation

Here you find the brochures in pdf format in swedish

You might need acrobat reader to open them : Acrobat Reader's logo - get Acrobat Reader

Download the program

Here you find the source code and the compiled version for the HIPP program.
The HIPP program is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3.

Before installing, you should make sure you have OpenHaptics installed. We have tested the program on Windows XP with OpenHaptics version 2. We have had problems installing with OpenHaptics version 3.

Warning : The HIPP program is currently still in Beta. Don't hesitate to report bugs or ask us by mail if you want to get involved. See contact page.

Instructions to install HIPP :

  1. If you had HIPP installed before, remove it through the control panel.
  2. Download the attachment "HIPP installer for Windows" (.zip file) or alternatively, any of the numbered in the intermediate releases list.
  3. Extract the content somewhere on your computer
  4. Run the setup.exe file
  5. Let the setup guide you in the installation of the HIPP program

The program HIPP is thought to be used with a PHANToM OMNI and a screen reader, but can be used without. If you use JAWS, a script is currently needed to read aloud the text in the status bar. Contact us for more information.