The national swedish project HIPP (Haptics in pedagogical practice) aims at enabling students with vision problems to create their own digital image-material, at making it easier for pedagogical assistants to create accessible image-material and at developping the possibilities to collaborate in school between seeing students and students with vision problems. The HIPP project follows up on work in the EU funded MICOLE project.

Within the project, we develop a drawing program - the HIPP program (see link Program). The technical development and the pedagogical and methods development are accompanying each other in the whole project, going on between 2009 and 2012. During the project, students and teachers contribute in the schools to develop the techniques and use them in teaching. Currently the HIPP program is used in three different schools in Sweden.

Students using the HIPP program.

The image shows the HIPP program in use. Two students collaborate to mark a map of Scania.

Haptic = from the greek "haptein", touch or grasp.